Who am I?

For more than fifteen  years I have helped many organisations to  transform their transactional data in decision making information. In this time, I have worked hand to hand with decision makers to build up analytic models for profitability analysis; these models are aimed to make visible the cost and profitability at a customer level, a level of detail decision makers haven't seen before.

Within these models, I have helped to build  services rates models for shared services companies, capacity to financial services and the most famous ABC —Activity Based Costing—. at the same time, I have helped financial institutions implementing budgeting methodologies and visual analytics solutions.

All of these has been in different types of industries like: financial, manufacture, health and shared services. I have worked in: Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador Dominican Republic and in the US.

To apply these methodologies, I have had the pleasure to learn the following solutions:

I also have knowledge with these tools:

As for my career development, I am a Systems Engineer (2003), I have a Master in Business Administration (2010), and finished the courses of Human Dynamics; all of them by the Mariano Galvez University.

In 2015 I have gotten the SAS Visual Analytics Visualization and Design certification. By this time I am exploring with R and Rapid Miner.

And last, but not least. One of my hobbies is writing. Some not too far years ago, I had the opportunity to write the book "El Crecimiento de un Líder", I have also written self development articles at my blog Integridad de Oro, some poetry, short stories of suspense, and of curse business articles. Nowadays I keep on writing. Most of my writing is in Spanish.

Thanks for your visit.