Who am I?

For more than twelve years I have supported many organisations on the process to transform their transactional data in decision making information. In this time, I have worked hand to hand with decision makers to build up analytic models for profitability analysis; these models are aimed to make visible the cost and utility at a level of detail that decision makers never imagined before.

Within these models there are services rates models for shared services companies, applying the concept of capacity to financial services and the most famous ABC —Activity Based Costing—. at the same time, I have helped financial institutions to implement budgeting methodologies and visual analytics solutions —in here there are byproducts such as data marts—.

I could say that I have had the opportunity to work in different types of industries like: financial, manufacture, health and shared services. I have worked in: Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador Dominican Republic and in the US.

To apply these methodologies, I have had the pleasure to learn the following solutions:

As for my career development, I am a Systems Engineer (2003), I have a Master in Business Administration (2010), and finished the courses of Human Dynamics; all of them by the Mariano Galvez University.

In 2015 I have gotten the SAS Visual Analytics Visualization and Design certification. By this time I am exploring with R and Rapid Miner.

And last, but not least. One of my hobbies is writing. Some not too far years ago, I had the opportunity to write the book "El Crecimiento de un Líder", I have also written self development articles at my blog Integridad de Oro, some poetry, short stories of suspense, and of curse business articles. Nowadays I keep on writing. Most of my writing is in Spanish.

By the way, did I mention that I am learning Japanese? —はい。本当です。—.

Thanks for your visit.

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